Dragonfly Trimarans

Performance and possibility are the fundamentals of Dragonfly Trimarans. Achieve higher speeds, giving greater range and visit places that would otherwise be out of reach.

Ranging from 25-40 ft, enjoy comfortable, level sailing wherever you desire.

Featuring award-winning innovations like the world-class Swing-Wing system, the Dragonfly Trimaran range is sure to impress.

From Denmark to the world!

Dragonfly Trimaran founder Borge Quorning launched his company in 1967 with the dream of building state of the art cruising and racing trimarans and selling the around the world.

His dream came true, and Dragonfly Trimarans are now instantly recognisable both at sea and at berth, thanks to high-performance, sleek, elegant European design and the dramatic award-winning ‘Swing Wing’ system, designed by Quorning in 1989.

This is the story of a small family business in the fishing village of Skaerbaek, Denmark, and it’s a story of stubbornness, courage, drive, stability and a love of sailing. Since 1967, the Quornings have been building their incredible boats in the same yard, using the same concept … and now in 2018, Quorning Boats employs over 50 people and custom-builds hundreds of trimarans each year.

Dragonfly Trimaran

“Dad decided he wanted to conquer Europe with Trimarans” – Jens Quorning.

Dragonfly 35

The Award-Winning ‘Swing Wing’

The award-winning Dragonfly Swing Wing system was designed by Borge and Jens Quorning in 1989. Using this revolutionary system, the trimaran can be folded to reduce the beam by more than 50% in less than one minute per side, using no tools and operating only from the cockpit.

This unique folding system has been standard on all Dragonflies since the introduction of the Quorning Swing Wing system.

The Swing Wing system gives Dragonfly Trimarans enough stability to moor in the folded position in a marina berth, which was crucial to the future of Dragonfly Trimarans …
… and saving space when accommodated in a harbour, marina or on land greatly reduces your storage costs!

Why choose a Dragonfly Trimaran?

Performance and possibility. Dragonfly Trimarans are fast – and they allow you to sail further than you would if you were dragging a keel along with you. Meaning, you achieve higher speeds, giving greater range … and can visit places that would otherwise be out of reach.

With no heeling, you’ll experience more comfortable, level sailing than in monohulls. And the lack of heel means that the sails do not spill wind and acceleration is much greater.

Whereas a catamaran has one trampoline or one central platform, the trimaran can offer you a spacious principal hull that is incredibly comfortable and safe.

Dragonfly 25

Dragonfly Trimarans comfortably accommodate four to five people. The Dragonfly is unsinkable, is beach-able and has a kick-up rudder and centreboard system, so it can literally go into the water anywhere in the world.

It feels like you’re sailing a 60ft-yacht … even upwind, you’ll easily sail single-handedly thanks to all lines being led back to the cockpit. You’ll enjoy superior handling on a multihull that’s noticeably easy to tack.

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