Dragonfly Trimaran Construction

The Dragonfly reputation starts with what sets them apart …

… not only do they have top of the line, fast, lightweight trimarans, but each Dragonfly comes with their award winning, revolutionary ‘Swing Wing’ system.

A system that is pure genius

Dragonfly trimarans are instantly recognisable at land and at sea

… and are characterized by a folding technology called the “Swing Wing”.

This allows them to use marina berths intended for monohulls and to be trailerable.

These trimarans have low draft and can be beached since both the centreboard and the rudder can be lifted.

Dragonfly Trimaran Construction

Consistently producing quality boats

The Quorning family have been building Dragonfly Trimarans in the same boat yard for 50 years and have worked tirelessly to achieve widespread acceptance of these amazing trimarans.

The production facilities at Quorning Boats is where the magic happens. A dedicated and highly-skilled staff sets impossibly high standards for modern boat building today. The family works closely with some of the most qualified and experienced suppliers and subcontractors in the world, resulting in boats of impeccable, flawless quality.

Custom Made Magic

Each Dragonfly is custom-built on order, to meet the dreams and demands of each owner individually.

Dragonfly owners get their choice of stripwork colour, antifouling colour, fabrics, sails and more.

Purpose-built and custom-made magic.

Dragonfly Trimaran Construction
Lagoon silhouette