Boating Community Bands Together After Hurricane Irma

For boat owners, any inclement weather can be a challenge – but the wrath of a hurricane is particularly frightening.

Hurricanes can be devastating, from the inevitable damage to property and businesses, to the risk to personal safety and human life, they leave havoc in their wake.

Hurricane Irma recently left a considerable mark on the Caribbean and the Florida Keys. Those hardest hit will be coping with the repercussions for months and even years, and governments and businesses are doing what they can to rebuild. And the boating community itself is coming together to support and help each other out.

Hurricane Irma

Scott Croft, spokesman for the Boat Owners Association of the United States, said recently in the Walll Street Journal that “the total economic loss from boat damage won’t be known for months”.

It is expected to be in the millions of dollars.

Boat owners with cover (about half in the U.S.A.) will now be looking to their insurance providers to pay for damage to their vessels, but “full salvage coverage” may be required to recover a sunken boat.

If your boat has been affected and you are unsure of what damage can be claimed for, please contact your insurance provider without delay.

An increase in boats needing repairs and even replacement, could leave inventory restricted globally and mean significant delays in wait times.

Lagoon, as with all major manufacturers, has strong ties with a number of charter companies and is doing its best to find slots in the popular catamaran market.

Please contact TMG’s After Sales Service team if you have any questions or need advice, we are happy to help.

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