Lagoon 52
Lagoon 52

Lagoon 52

Luxurious and Contemporary

The 52 is no ordinary catamaran and marks a whole new era in the design of cruising catamarans.  

With its diamond-shaped vertical bows, bevelled hulls, elevated deckhouse and tall rig, the 52 is so much more than just its exterior appearance, or interior layout.  

This superb Lagoon is the result of some important and radical choices … with the VPLP, Nauta and Lagoon teams remaining faithful to what we believe in, in terms of elegance, comfort, safety, user friendliness and, it goes without saying, performance under sail.

The 52 is now available in two versions: FlyBridge or SporTop.


  • Length overall: 15.85m/52′
  • Beam: 8.60m/28’3”
  • Draft: 1.50m/4’11”
  • Mast clearance: 27.66m/90’9”
  • Light displacement (EEC): 22.5t
  • Sail area: 156m²/1679 sq ft
  • Full-batten mainsail: 97m²/1044 sq ft
  • Square top mainsail (opt): 107m²/1151 sq ft
  • Self-tacking jib: 59m²/635 sq ft
  • Asymmetrical spinnaker: 255m²/2744 sq ft
  • Furling genoa (opt): 70m² / 753 sq.ft.
  • Code O (opt): 154m²/1636 sq ft
  • Engine (std): 2 x 57 CV/2 x 57 HP
  • Optional engine: 2 x 80 HP
  • Fuel capacity: 2 x 496l/2 x 131 US gal
  • Fresh water capacity: 4 x 240l/4 x 63 US gal
  • No of berths: 6 to 14
  • EC certification: A :14 ; B :14 ; C :16 ; D :30
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Key features

  • Three different positions for the steering station (starboard, centre or port), giving the skipper perfect visibility under sail
  • Broad sidedecks, with recessed deck hatches
  • Elevated deckhouse
  • Noble and luxurious materials
  • Improved performance due to the mast moved further aft
  • Dual access to the flybridge


Naval architects VPLP have used a revolutionary approach in their design and moved the masts further aft as they continue to improve performance in their racing catamarans … the Lagoon 52 is one of the first cruising catamarans to benefit from this approach.

A large forward triangle allows a larger sails choice: a promise for great performance …

but thanks to superb naval architecture, performance doesn’t come at the expense of comfort and safety.

You’ll enjoy the best of both worlds, with thoughtful design, wide clear side decks, flush fitting hatches, direct access to the flybridge, ample sun protection and several cosy relaxation areas all contributing to your on-board enjoyment.

And the flybridge really is every sailor’s dream.

Lagoon 52
Lagoon 52


Lagoon have ensured the revolutionary 52 has a truly remarkable and luxurious interior layout … using light modern materials ensures bright and comfortable living spaces.

Each of the 3, 4, 5 or 6 cabin layouts has its own distinct personality, and all have a private bathroom and independent shower. All cabins have incomparable natural lighting thanks to the fixed hull windows, deck hatches and portholes that open out to the hull-side or to the cockpit.

Entertain in style with a fully equipped galley – fridge, freezer, hob and oven. Both interior and exterior areas flow together seamlessly to ensure your time at sea is as close to idyllic as possible. The only thing you have to bring is your sense of adventure. And the wine.


Lagoon 52 F


Looks can be deceiving aboard this innovative cat.

The Lagoon 52 represents a new direction in big boats for this respected French catamaran builder. Using new performance criteria, VPLP Design has created a family of faster vessels that also happen to have dramatic looks and great strength. The 52 would make a fine voyager for two couples or a family that wanted to cross oceans rapidly and in style. With several of the alternate layouts, it would also be a luxurious charter craft.

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Lagoon make comfortable cruising catamarans where inside volumes are maximised. The 52 carries on this tradition but with a twist.

The latest Lagoons have had a makeover to soften some of the harsher angles but remain distinct-looking cruising cats that are stronger on practicalities than finesse. No bad thing when you are at sea, as I found when sailing one along the French coast.

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