A lifestyle beyond your Imagination

Yachtshare is Queensland’s largest and most experienced provider of syndicated yachts. It was the first to offer a syndicated Lagoon 39 catamaran in Australia, and Imagination has proved very popular with investors.

Greg and Jill Morgan have owned a syndication share in Imagination for 18 months and we are delighted to share their story…

Greg and his family were new to sailing, but they had hired a catamaran in the Whitsundays before, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. So it motivated Greg to look at ways of buying a boat to enjoy more quality family time;

‘I’ve always had a love of the water – for 20 years I was an avid windsurfer. But we needed something that the whole family could enjoy.

‘I loved the idea of owning a boat outright. But one of the things that drew me to look at joining a boat syndicate was that as busy professionals with all the commitments we have in our lives, the family wouldn’t get the use of it.’

The Yachtshare syndication program

‘With the Yactshare program, we get the days we need that fit into our schedule. We usually get out on the boat 11 or 13 days per trimester.

‘Having our boat with Yachtshare means we don’t have to perform any maintenance or cleaning. It’s truly a walk-on walk-off service that allows us to maximise our time out on the water.

‘We also get the peace of mind knowing that everything on the yacht is working perfectly. In the first 6 months, we were still finding our feet. So I would talk to Anton at Yachtshare a lot to seek guidance on using the yacht.

‘He would also advise us on where to go depending on the prevailing winds. Or where would be a more protected place to head. He was very helpful with local knowledge and this helped us to become more confident in our own adventures.

‘We get up to a variety of things out on the water. Standalone days out on the bay, or longer trips over the weekend or school holidays. We go off on adventures to Tangalooma or down south to Peel Island. Often we’ll head further south to the Royal Queensland Yacht Club’s Canaipa Point facility.

A lifestyle beyond your Imagination

Respect for the boat

‘As we’re all invested owners, everyone treats the yacht with a high level of respect. The boat is in perfect condition every time we use it. This is a great reflection of the care the other owners take when they’re on the boat. And also of the thorough maintenance schedule that the yacht undergoes with Yachtshare.

Gotta love a cat

‘From a family perspective, the fact that the galley is on the same level as the outdoor living space is a big drawcard. It’s like a house with an open plan kitchen opening on to a deck, it flows really well. The inside/outside living is just fantastic for the family. The boat has ample seating outside which is great for comfortably seating a group of friends around the table.

And the catamaran’s added stability suited them for family use.  Greg’s 12-year-old daughter Laura loved the Lagoon 39 from the start. She often brings along a friend on their trips and Greg gets a better feeling of safety on the Lagoon with his young family.

Fair distribution of days

‘We have a roster system for managing how days are allocated to the owners. It’s all done via an online calendar system. It ensures the fair and equal distribution of days. In this syndication, there is a nice mixture of people with families and those with grown families. So there is no issue over school holidays!

‘It was one of our concerns initially, but in our 18 months we haven’t had any issue with locking in our desired days.’

A lifestyle beyond your Imagination

Immaculate condition

‘All we bring onboard is our food and drink. All the safety gear is there and Yachtshare supply the linen. For a day trip, we drive down to the marina and jump on an immaculate boat.

‘Yachtshare moved the yacht recently to the premier Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, which has fantastic facilities. It has made the process of just getting on the boat very enjoyable. You go to the Yacht Club for lunch and then jump on the boat for an afternoon sail. It’s a fantastic lifestyle.’

‘We have a 5-year syndication with Imagination. I see it as a stepping stone to owning our own yacht when our life and family commitments permit. If we had more free time we would certainly be looking to own our own yacht, and then maybe I can achieve my dream of sailing around Australia.’

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