McConaghy multihulls

McConaghy Catamaran Construction

50 years of experience …

… and superb, revolutionary boat design. McConaghy multihulls set the standard for high-performance cruising catamarans.

McConaghy boats was founded by John McConaghy in 1967. Early boats were built of plywood, after McConaghy began engineering and perfecting the vacuum formed foam sandwich, fibreglass/Kevlar construction method, which proved an immediate success.

Built on the tradition of innovation

McConaghy’s reputation grew, as did research and development into prepreg composite techniques … earning them a reputation as the best in the business and making the McConaghy name synonymous with light, strong and stiff laminated structures.

McConaghy build
McConaghy cutting edge technology

Cutting edge technology

Innovation, R&D and advancing composite technology has been in the DNA of McConaghy since the beginning. McConaghy is constantly innovating, testing and improving their techniques, applying composite technology to new fields as well as refining the production and mechanical properties and minimising weight of composites in existing applications.

Smart construction

McConaghy were one of the first builders in the world to apply prepreg carbon to sailing boat construction in the mid 1970s.

Built from materials previously only used in aerospace applications, the first prepreg carbon 18ft skiff, built by McConaghy, was a revelation and would set a performance benchmark for years to come.

McConaghy Boats

Lightweight, high performance design excellence

“I get really excited about the best use of space, especially when you engineer a boat to be lighter. On a multihull, a small weight increase has a big impact … so we’ve worked really hard to save weight. For example, we’ve used carbon where it makes a difference.

This team are vastly experienced in building catamarans which are much lighter than the average cruising cat … yet safe, secure and stiff,” says designer Jason Ker.

Boat builder Mark Evans and his team at McConaghy Boats have built some of the most high-tech racing boats and luxury superyachts in the world. The McConaghy catamarans are the final product of a highly experienced and very enthusiastic design and building team.

Sleek, high quality interiors

The interior of the McConaghy catamarans are luxurious and quality-built with the finest woods and hardware. All joinery is custom built and finished to McConaghy Boats high-quality standards under the expert guidance of the interior design team of Design Unlimited. The modern interior is constructed using a mix of hand-painted surfaces and lightweight, exotic wood laminates with soft fabric accents.

MC Catamaran Construction

Next Generation Innovation - key features of MC Catamaran Construction

McConaghy’s mission is to create the best composite shop in the world … and highlight the overwhelming advantages of using composites to boat building … advantages that include:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • High quality
  • Precision and innovation in materials
  • Excellence in design
  • Prototyping
  • Production runs
  • Custom work

And over the past four decades, McConaghy established a renowned boat building reputation with their dedication to innovation. Their thought leadership in building techniques has enabled them to apply composite technology to new fields. These new techniques have refined production capability, improved mechanical properties and minimised weight in existing boat-building applications.