TMG Visit McConaghy Factory

John Cowpe, Peter Hrones and Tim Vine and two TMG clients have just completed a fascinating trip to China to tour the McConaghy Factory. They caught up with McConaghy MD Mark Evans and Director Matthew Flynn.  TMG also visited the Hong Kong headquarters of Tiger Group, which took a 50% shareholding in the renowned composite builder and formed MC2 Composites Ltd.

The Tiger-McConaghy collaboration brings together Tiger Group financial backing and business systems know-how with proven McConaghy design skill and the technical ability to use carbon composites. The visit to Asia allowed for a great meeting of minds and left TMG with incredible confidence in both the boats and the partnership.

A highlight was visiting the offices of the Tiger Group which is located in the tallest building on Hong Kong Island and seriously impressive. The suites are fitted out with lots of carbon and perfectly represent the cutting edge space this fast moving company play in. It was clear from chatting with Matthew that Tiger bring a strong culture of collaboration to the table together with strong and committed backing.

John Cowpe

Factory tour

MC50The TMG team took the ferry with Matthew Flynn from Hong Kong to China and arrived at the McConaghy factory to a great welcome.

The main focus was to check out the production processes of the McConaghy range of multihulls and see the MC50 and MC60 in production.

The large factory has 5 separate production halls delivering a wide range of products ranging from foiling Wasp dinghies (pictured right) to the elite catamaran range and everything in between.


MC50Modular interiors

The interiors are made outside the boat in modules and then mounted into the boat complete. Each module is created inside an aluminium frame and components like wiring, plumbing and furniture are added. This allows skilled workers to move around easily without working in confined spaces inside the hull. This system is the way many of the high end manufacturers are heading and allows for superb quality control.

Hand-made furniture

The attention to detail in building the furniture is superb. The factory make every piece on site and every piece is hand finished. You can see in the photograph below the furniture has a foam core which makes the pieces incredibly light. The foam end is then covered with a hand finished piece of timber.

The first McConaghy 50 will be complete by September – the owner is in no rush and delighted that the factory are putting in extra man-hours to make sure it’s perfect. Orders have also been placed for the second MC50 and the first MC60 European buyers.

In the words of John Cowpe

“It was impressive to see first hand just how much carbon is going into these boats to control the weight. It means that these boats are very light despite the high end finishes.”

“Jumping on the MC50 give me a real sense of how this boat will be. There are 2 glass doors at the back – one opens left and one right and then they fold up to the ceiling. Then in the saloon the whole window pushes forward – so it really feels like you are outside.

“This boat will be like a open, high-end loft apartment on the water but moving very fast at 15-20 knots.”

Confidence and collaboration

The Tiger-McConaghy partnership know that multihulls are the fastest growing segment of the market and are currently employing an extra 10 staff per week to cope with the planned expansion.  They have created a unique product with the McConaghy range of multihulls – there really is nothing else in the elite performance catamaran space which is competitive in terms of price quality ratio.

In the words of John Cowpe

“When you work with teams in different global locations it is very important to meet in person to build relationships. The meeting between McConaghy, The Tiger Group and TMG allowed us all to share expertise and learn from each other. We are all very excited about a strong future for the McConaghy brand.”

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