Why charter a Lagoon Catamaran

It is no secret that Lagoon Catamarans are the number one in the world, making them the perfect yacht to purchase and put into charter… People consistently tell the TMG team how much they have enjoyed their charter experience on a Lagoon, going back to the brand year on year due to the comfort and confidence they feel on board.

But don’t take it from us… we chatted to all the top charter companies in Australia to get their perspective on putting a Lagoon into charter and how it can be a cost-effective way of owning a boat!

Why Charter?

We spoke to Annie, owner of Charter Yachts Australia.

“When you charter your boat, you are given cost-effective ownership of your own vessel in regards to taxation, interest, depreciation, insurance and return on investment, as well as significant savings in operating costs when compared with private ownership.”

Contact annie@cya.com.au for taxation advice, lending options and realistic return estimates.

Why Lagoon?

To answer this we turned to Portland Roads – Sailing the Whitsundays, one of the only fleets in the world that exclusively charters Lagoons.

We asked Owner and Director, John Linton, “Why Lagoon?”

  • “Our answer crystallises more and more every year that we are in business.
  • They are extraordinarily well designed and built. 
  • Our customers love them. 
  • Our skippers, our cleaners and our maintenance team love them;
  • And not that we are in a rush to sell them; but we can also confirm that they age gracefully and hold their value in a market full of second-hand boats…
Lagoon Escapade 2017

Having worked on, or with every production boat over the years; we keep coming back to Lagoon.
So much so, it is now our company policy to only use Lagoons.
Boating enthusiasts love Lagoons, as do newcomers to the wonderful world of water. 
Better still, after our briefings, we can trust a Lagoon in inexperienced hands.
The setup, the helm, the running gear and their stability all make perfect sense.
We can give TMG (and Lagoon) plenty of brownie points too; From their extraordinary after-sales support to the longest industry warranty.  And a team who love boats as much as we do – HOWEVER – It is not really about that! IT IS ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.
One look online and you’ll quickly discover our Customer’s Experiences. The smallest bare-boat charter company in Australia has the most, and the highest-rated reviews. 
Portland Roads – Sailing the Whitsundays, TMG and Lagoon must be doing something right. Because everyone loves our Lagoons.”

Why Lagoon 40?

“Lagoons are synonymous with luxury, superior comfort coupled with excellent sailing. The Lagoon 40 is the ideal size for charter as she suits all markets, 4 couples, 2 small families sharing and one large family group,” say General Manager of Cumberland Charter Yachts, Sharon McNally.

“Cumberland Charter Yachts have proven success in the 40 feet vessels with a range of boats all being very popular and at the same time keeping costs down whilst providing returns. It’s a win, win for guest and owners.”

Contact Sharon.mcnally@ccy.com.au for historic data, income and expense projections.

Previous results...

The Pain’s recently took delivery of Ticketyboo their new Lagoon 40 purchased for charter at Whitsunday Escape, so we got in contact with Managing Director, Trevor to find out how the boat has been doing…

“The new lagoon 40 TicketyBoo is more than meeting the expectations of Whitsunday Escape and is now one of the best-booked boats in the fleet with only 2 weeks not booked between now and November. The size and layout sits in the sweet spot,  it is perfect for families not too big and not too small and can be easily sailed shorthanded.”

Read the Pain’s delivery experience…

We have a Lagoon 40 AVAILABLE for immediate delivery with an incredible offer. The perfect cat for charter or private ownership, don’t miss out!… Book a viewing at our Gold Coast Office!!!