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TMG’s vision is to bring the very best multihulls to Australia so customers can enjoy the incredible on-water lifestyle these wonderful boats offer.

TMG pride themselves on delivering a superb customer experience, starting with an expert consultancy process, through to delivery and commissioning

… and developing into a true after-sales partnership with ongoing service and community engagement.

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Lagoon is the Number 1 catamaran brand in the world.

Theirs is a story founded on innovation and an incredible reputation for design excellence.

Lagoon are the undisputed champions of making a life at sea accessible for anyone, anytime …

… and they’ve opened up the world of sailing to people who may never have thought it possible.

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50 years of experience … and superb, revolutionary boat design.

McConaghy multihulls set the standard for high performance cruising catamarans.

As industry leaders, their mission is to create the very best, most innovative composites in the marine sector, offering best in class engineering.

Their exceptionally high performance team demonstrates some of the best technical expertise and superb craftsmanship available anywhere in the world.

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Dragonfly 25


Sail further and faster in the revolutionary Dragonfly trimaran – instantly recognisable at land and at sea, and characterised by the award winning “SwingWing” system, which allows the trimaran to be folded in less than a minute …

… from the comfort of the cockpit.

Trailerable and beachable, you’ll explore a whole new world of possibilities in a Dragonfly state of the art cruising and racing trimaran.

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Upcoming Events


Lagoon 50 and 50 Nominated for SAIL Magazine’s

Lagoon 50


Lagoon Escapade 2018

Lagoon Escapade Whitsundays

4-5th September

Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

23th to 26th May


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David and Nerida Lee, Seabreeze


“We live and sail in paradise! Awesome!!!”

- David and Nerida Lee, Seabreeze
Greg Harding


“Seriously great to see so many so passionate about their boats. Another fantastic event hosted by TMG.”

- Greg Harding, Blue Pointer


"I had been looking at many different trimaran brands and found the Dragonfly trimarans to standout due to their exceptional built quality and very clever design.

The Dragonfly Trimarans are very forgiving boats. In low wind conditions, when most monohulls have to motor, a Dragonfly is still sailing, mostly at true wind speed. In moderate wind conditions, sailing a Dragonfly is very relaxing with limited heeling, still faster than most monohulls. In high wind conditions, a Dragonfly turns into a racer. With just a couple of months of experience, I have already reached up to 21 knots in 25 knots of wind using the Gennaker."

- Chris - Saphira Dragonfly 35


“Such a great time. Well done everyone. Thanks for another awesome get-together.”

- Sue Harding, Blue Pointer
Enjoying the “pre-escapade” cocktail party


The Whitsundays Lagoon Escapade was a great event! How good were these girls!! What a nice touch being welcomed on the beach with music and leis!! Fabulous choice of music too! Lagoon escapade magic! Thank you, TMG for making it happen…was great fun!”

- Kathryn Roper, Moor R&R
Liz, Rob, Sally, Bilby Testimonial


“Through our travels, we've met other Lagoon 42 owners who bought their boat through other brokers. All had heard of TMG (USA and Swiss included) and at least one lamented not having bought through you after we raved about our experience from start to finish.

As they say - you don't know how good you've got it until you meet someone who got much less.

So, in short, a big thank you! Everything we wanted on the boat was delivered. Everything works & we were shown how it works. Any failures are ours due lack of familiarity or faulty memory.”

- Liz, Rob and Sally, Bilby
TMG Lagoon Testimonial


“Just wanted to say how awesome it was to meet everyone over the last few days. Such a cool group of people all with similar passions. Thank you all for your friendliness, hospitality and good spirit! It certainly was a pleasure to meet you all and we look forward to seeing you again out on the water. Cheers!”

- Lyndy Atkinson, Katsumi
TMG Lagoon Testimonial


"I think it’s a fascinating and great way to live … so many people put things off until retirement and then can’t achieve their dream when they get there. I’m happy with my choice. It stretches you a bit and you juggle a lot of things, but with good people like the team at TMG, you can follow your dream."

- Drew Hakin, Adèle 1


"...the best thing about our lifestyle is not the boat or location, it’s the people. There is a whole community of Lagoon owners, and the Lagoon events have connected us with so many wonderful people. Our time at Lake Macquarie was so much fun, with lots of laughs and some truly great memories. We’re looking forward to seeing the TMG Lagoon family gather at the next Escapade in the Whitsunday Islands in July."

- Paul Rogers, Moor RnR
TMG Lagoon Testimonial


"Lagoons are boldly angular in shape, and we thought that was fantastic. It creates that space inside and looks great on the outside. And the sailing performance for a production catamaran … is very very good."

- Aaron and Lara Jones, Sabella
TMG Lagoon Testimonial


"Ross was super - he went through everything. We’ve never had that; going through everything was a huge positive."

- Graeme and Linda Hubbard, Zephyr


“We had a fabulous time! What a great event, well done TMG and Lagoon!”

- Craig and Del McEwan, Storm Dancer


“From all aboard Lazy Bones, thanks everyone for such a great weekend. We hope to see you all again sometime and will make the effort to keep in touch. Kudos to the sponsors and our hosts for their part in this also. It really is a great group of Goonies.”

- Peter and Deanne, Lazybones


“Sincere thanks to all for your hard work and efforts to make the Lagoon Escapade Lake Macquarie such a success. A very enjoyable couple of days.”

- Pat, Michael, Jeremy and Scott, Social Platform


"Thanks once again for a wonderful weekend; it’s really turning into an event not to be missed, hence our journey down from Mooloolaba. The first one in Cid Harbour was great, but this one was a real step up.”

- Don and Suzy, SV Vamonos

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