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Lagoon SEVENTY 8 Exterior (3)
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The Multihull Group (TMG) is an award-winning dealership exclusively importing some of Europes best multihulls exclusively to Australia and New Zealand.

If you’re looking for a boat dealer dedicated to customer service and with an aim to provide more people Downunder with a well-suited vessel they will love, you are in the right place…

TMGs vision is to provide more Australians and New Zealanders with the opportunity to discover the world by water, onboard their own Lagoon Catamaran or Dragonfly Trimaran.

Lagoon Catamaran For Sale Australia


Lagoon Catamarans are the number 1 in the world, with more navigating the globe than any other catamaran brand…

With a range from 40-78ft featuring both sailing and motor yachts, there is the perfect Lagoon for everyone.


Performance and possibility are the fundamentals of Dragonfly Trimarans. Achieve higher speeds, giving greater range and visit places that would otherwise be out of reach.

Ranging from 25-40 ft, enjoy comfortable, level sailing wherever you desire.

Featuring award-winning innovations like the world-class Swing-Wing system, the Dragonfly Trimaran range is sure to impress.

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"So excited to have finally taken delivery of our Lagoon 46 in Manly, Queensland yesterday. Rowan McMahon from TMG took us on a windy delivery trip up from the Gold Coast yesterday with lots of smiles onboard. Very happy with our clears, solar arch, Weber BBQ platform and tender setup.

We can't thank TMG enough for their support in getting Arena ready for our family sailing adventures."

- Dean Robertson - Lagoon 46, Arena


I couldn’t fault the TMG network and what we were able to do and how everyone was easy to get on with. The actual handover period... was two days and was fantastic. We sat on the boat for the first day and went through it from top to bottom, bow to aft, starboard to port. It was a great learning experience, and then out sailing the next day. Making sure everything worked properly. It was a fantastic thing to do and I can’t speak highly enough about that actual process.

- Paul Brown - Lagoon 42, Nardoo
Lagoon Owners TMG Testimonial


"It's very very easy, so much space, we just had 4 couples for 5 days, it was very chilled out and relaxed.

The flybridge is such a big beautiful place with a view, its elevated and we put permanent clears around ours so you can use it anytime, day or night, windy or raining, it doesn't matter. You can sit up there have lunch, have dinner. We call it the first class lounge, you can't go wrong.

- Anthony and Seryn Ryan - Lagoon 630MY, Antics
The Multihull Group


A big tick to TMG…

They’ve been fantastic with their support, if we’ve had any issues we get in touch with them and they go out of their way to help us so they’ve made buying this boat in Europe such a pleasant experience and yeah, I’ll give them a 10 out of 10, it’s been great…

If you’re going to buy a Lagoon buy it from TMG.

- Liz and Rob - Lagoon 42, Bilby
Lagoon Owners TMG Testimonial


“Through our travels, we've met other Lagoon 42 owners who bought their boat through other brokers. All had heard of TMG (USA and Swiss included) and at least one lamented not having bought through you after we raved about our experience from start to finish. As they say - you don't know how good you've got it until you meet someone who got much less. A big thank you! Everything we wanted on the boat was delivered. Everything works & we were shown how it works. Any failures are ours due lack of familiarity or faulty memory.”

- Liz and Rob - Lagoon 42, Bilby
TMG Lagoon Testimonial


"Lagoons are boldly angular in shape, and we thought that was fantastic. It creates that space inside and looks great on the outside. And the sailing performance for a production catamaran … is very very good.

When we arrived in Les Sables-d’Olonne John had this rockstar entrance... surreal does not even begin to describe how it felt."

- Aaron and Lara Jones - Lagoon 42, Sabella


The entire TMG team were really good. In the initial stages, John gave great advice and helped spec the boat, looking back it was all very valuable.

From our first enquiry, through specification, order, to delivery and after-sales, TMG have been terrific to deal with. Ordering our Lagoon 40 was no small decision and a perfect delivery reassured us from the start.

- Mike Pain - Lagoon 40, Ticketyboo
Lagoon John Pruim John Cowpe TMG Testimonial


Fourth time Lagoon owner John Pruim has just become the first Lagoon 50 owner in Australia!!! Lagoon allows you to go from a to b safely, easily and reliably. There is a sense of comfort and space, perfect for being a house on the water…” Says John.

"The team at The Multihull Group will work with you to ensure you get just the set up you desire…"

- John Pruim - Lagoon 50, Themis
Lagoon Owners TMG Testimonial


There is more enjoyment in a sailboat in that the enjoyment is in the journey as much as it’s in the destination. That to me makes it a totally different experience.

The advantage of a flybridge to me is the fact you are that much higher off the surface of the water, you can get better vision all around, a greater sense of being on-top of the whole thing and I do enjoy being out in the sun most of the time.”

- Jeff D’Albora - Lagoon 52F, Infinity II
Lagoon Owners TMG Testimonial


Greg and Sue Harding created and monitor the Lagooned in Oz Facebook Community and are vital and enthusiastic Lagoon owners.

The pair have owned numerous Lagoons and love their current Lagoon 440.

- Greg and Sue Harding - Lagoon 440, Blue Pointer
Lagoon Owners TMG Testimonial


"We love our Lagoon, we've been out in some pretty tough conditions and it's always brought us home safe, it's fantastic under sail and great at anchor so we absolutely love our boat.

Our favourite thing about our boat is the places it can take us, we get to see a lot of the east coast that most people can only imagine to see and to be able to access it with a boat it's just fantastic."

- Matt Doncan - Lagoon 400S2, Espresso
David and Nerida Lee, Seabreeze


David and Nerida Lee have been living aboard and sailing their Lagoon 380 for years, speaking highly of Lagoon as a brand and their on water lifestyle.

"The fact that you can wake up every morning with different scenery... it's the freedom! For us it was finding a boat that would take us and all our possessions and our Lagoon does that. We live and sail in paradise! ”

- David and Nerida Lee - Lagoon 380 Seabreeze
Dragonfly 35


"I found the Dragonfly trimarans to standout due to their exceptional built quality and very clever design. The Dragonfly Trimarans are very forgiving boats. In low wind conditions, when most monohulls have to motor, a Dragonfly is still sailing, mostly at true wind speed. In moderate wind conditions, sailing a Dragonfly is very relaxing with limited heeling, still faster than most monohulls. In high wind conditions, a Dragonfly turns into a racer. With just a couple of months of experience, I have already reached up to 21 knots in 25 knots of wind using the Gennaker."

- Chris - Saphira, Dragonfly 35


Paul Rogers is one of the other founders of Lagooned in Oz "...the best thing about our lifestyle is not the boat or location, it’s the people. There is a whole community of Lagoon owners, and the Lagoon events have connected us with so many wonderful people. Our time at Lake Macquarie was so much fun, with lots of laughs and some truly great memories. We’re looking forward to seeing the TMG Lagoon family gather at the next Escapade in the Whitsunday Islands in July."

- Paul Rogers, Moor RnR
TMG Lagoon Testimonial


"I think it’s a fascinating and great way to live … so many people put things off until retirement and then can’t achieve their dream when they get there.

I’m happy with my choice.

It stretches you a bit and you juggle a lot of things, but with good people like the team at TMG, you can follow your dream."

- Drew Hakin, Adèle 1
TMG Lagoon Testimonial


"Ross was super - he went through everything.

We’ve never had that; going through everything was a huge positive."

- Graeme and Linda Hubbard - Lagoon 39, Zephyr
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