Lagoon - Number 1 catamaran in the world

Lagoon - Number 1 catamaran in the world

Lagoon is the Number 1 catamaran brand in the world. But it’s more than the countless awards they’ve won, or the number of boats sold worldwide each year.

It’s so much more.

Theirs is a story founded on innovation and an incredible reputation for design excellence. An uncompromising journey … a story of product development, quality construction and superb after-sales service.

And Lagoon as a brand has created a worldwide community of happy owners, living out their dreams.

World's largest boat manufacturing group

Lagoon’s long-term association with Group Bénéteau adds strength and weight to this great organisation. The financial stability and buying power leave you safe in the knowledge that you are acquiring a great value, trusted product.

Lagoon’s reputation starts with the flawless design team. The VPLP team have incredible expertise in the field of innovative catamaran design and have been part of the organisation since the beginning.

Long term Beneteau association
Lagoon value and act on YOUR feedback

Lagoon value and act on YOUR feedback

The team at Lagoon value communication from their owners, and they take feedback from every owner, every time, and apply it to the next models. 

They invest extensively in research and development and in after-sales service and support. They refuse to compromise on quality and commitment. 

Every new model is a leap forward. Many of Lagoon’s revolutionary advances have been widely copied and become mainstream in cruising catamarans.

Can anyone sail a Lagoon Catamaran?

Lagoon have more owners sailing around the world, than anyone else – and there’s a good reason why. They are the undisputed champions of making a life at sea accessible for anyone, anytime … and they’ve opened up the world of sailing to people who may never have thought it possible.

They invite you to unshackle yourself from the shore and break free … whether it be to sail around Australia, around the world or just cruise through Pittwater.

Are you ready to unshackle yourself from the shore? TMG is an award-winning distributor of Lagoon Catamarans. With over 400 yachts imported into Australia and New Zealand, the team at TMG delivers the highest standards of service and advice. Contact TMG today.

Can anyone sail a Lagoon Catamaran