Beds on Board – Another way to stay

The Multihull Group are huge advocates of the sharing economy. Here’s another fabulous business we thought you would love to hear about.

Think of it as ‘Airbnb’ on the water… Beds on Board is a fantastic alternative accommodation option and a great way to get an introduction life on the water.

Holidaymakers looking for a change from hotel rooms, in amazing locations, or just wanting to experience the peace and relaxation of sleeping on the water, have a new solution with Beds on Board.

Lots of marinas across the globe are embracing this innovative way to help you enjoy being out on the water, in some cases taking on the role of facilitating the management and turn arounds of boats that have signed up to Beds on Board. This is a further endorsement of this model of the sharing economy and positions marinas closer and closer to the hotel management model, and as destinations in themselves.


With Beds on Board you can have a peek into the boating lifestyle, often for less than the cost of a hotel room… A truly unique and hassle-free way to see the world and another way to be part of the ever-growing sharing economy.

An easy setup

Similar to the Airbnb setup, listing your boat with Beds on Board is simple, and free. And it can help offset the cost of boat ownership. You set the terms – decide when your boat is available and the price, and also who stays on board.

Once you’ve created your listing, your boat just needs walk-on access, and someone to greet your guests.

Why list your boat?

Many owners are looking to take advantage of this simple way to make money from their boat. Why not offset the maintenance and mooring fees when you’re not using your boat?  Plus, your boat stays aired and cleaned.

Listing is free, with beds on board charging 5% on bookings.

Join a growing, like-minded community of owners, who love life on the water, and watch the positive reviews from your guests about their stay your boat roll in.

Beds on Board – Another way to stay


Contact the team at TMG on the form below to find out more about listing your boat with Beds on Board – another way to join the sharing economy.

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