The (boat) Sharing Economy is here

Are you lured by the yachting lifestyle and love the idea of spending your leisure time on the water, but are looking for a different way of owning a boat? Perhaps you lack the time to maintain and service a yacht and want to offset the costs of ownership… Fortunately, the on water life you’ve been dreaming of is still within reach.

If you’re willing to be part of the Sharing Economy, then joining a boat share or syndicate program, or investing in a charter yacht, might be just what you’re looking for.

And with different financing and investment plans, ranging from owning a percentage share, leasing, and 100% mortgage options, you’re sure to find an arrangement that works for your particular needs.

The boat Sharing Economy is here

Boat Syndicate

There are lots of advantages of joining a boat share or syndication.

A professionally managed yacht saves you time, and it gives you a great opportunity to see if boat ownership might be right for you in the future.

It’s a more affordable way to live the on-water lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about – for a 10% share, you’re still getting 100% boat when you’re onboard. This is ideal if you only have limited time to spend on the water and don’t want to pay for unused time. Plus, sharing the cost of ownership can give you access to a newer or larger boat than you thought affordable.

Boat sharing is hassle-free, seriously! You walk on and walk off – there’s no time wasted on cleaning and maintenance, taking up your valuable free time – you just get the fun part of owning a boat.

The lifestyle is second to none. Whether you’re enjoying much-needed family time, cruising up the coast or entertaining friends, your dreams of luxury and freedom on the water are attainable and could be achieved sooner than you’d hoped through shared ownership.

There are a few options for joining a boat syndicate to suit your needs, with ‘own’ or ‘pay to use’ the most common. Our partners at Smart Boating and Yachtshare have beautiful boats with current syndication opportunities. Hop over to our Sharing page and take a look.

The boat Sharing Economy is here

Yacht Charter

Yacht charter is yet another way to experience life out on the water. Charter companies with beautiful yacht fleets operate out of marinas in amazing sailing spots around Australia, and globally.

If you have limited time available to spend on the water, and don’t want to deal with maintenance and cleaning, investing in a charter yacht could be the right approach for you. Plus it can allow you to offset the costs of maintaining and berthing your boat.

It’s great to know your boat is being used and being taken care of, while also being able to make an income from your passion. When your circumstances change and you have more time, the boat can be taken out of charter. But in the meantime, your asset is working for you with the ability to still use it.

A dream on-water lifestyle is easily achievable through investment in a charter yacht. Whether it’s New Year’s Eve on Sydney Harbour, or exploring the hideaways of the Whitsunday Islands; join your friends and family for an unforgettable sailing experience – wherever, and whenever suits you.

There are a number of options for investing in a charter boat. The Multihull Group has agreements in place with key charter operators locally and internationally. The operators offer different financing and investment options to suit your needs. Read more about our charter partners in NSW, Qld and internationally on our Charter page.

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