+ VPLPs New Rig Design Explained | Inspire and Learn Rigging Part 2

We are excited to share the latest Inspire and Learn Episode with you all, this one is a bit of a different “bonus” video where rigging specialist Dion Hart explain how they set up the rig, differences between catamarans and monohulls and the advantages of Lagoons new rig design.

Dion Hart from Pacific Rigging based on Sydney Harbour. Dion’s a veteran of the industry and a rigger that we trust and use, John Cowpe interviewed him to steal a bit of his knowledge and give our owners a bit more insight into the behind the scenes of rigging.

How to do a rig check

Lagoon Rig Set Up

“When we put a new boat together, the mast comes in a kit form where we attach all the rigging and the spreaders and make the furler. The rig manufacturers give us an indication of the tensions that should be applied to all the stays that support the mast. Our job is to put the mast into the yacht with the crane and secure it and make sure all the tensions are adequate to support the mast,” – Dion Hart.

Monohull vs Multihull


  • Supported by a tripod. Forestay and the two cap shrouds


  • Backstay
  • Leans and depowers


  • Diamonds
  • More heavily rigged
  • Doesn’t lean or depower
Monohull vs catamaran
Next generation Lagoon Catamaran

New VPLP Design Explained

  • Mast further aft = Less pitching
  • Shorter boom = Easier to put the sail away
  • Self-tacking headsail = Easier for short-handed sailing
  • Taller mast + square top mainsail = More sail volume