Dragonfly 25 Tri Me Day - Spaces are limited so BOOK NOW!

Dragonfly 25 Tri Me test sail day

Interested in trying the Dragonfly 25 out for yourself?

You can try out this high-performance exhilarating lightweight trimaran at our Dragonfly 25 Tri Me Day.

What: Dragonfly 25 Tri Me test sail day

Where: Quays Marina, 1856 Pittwater Road, Church Point, NSW

When: Saturday 8th September

With only one Dragonfly Tri Me day, spaces are limited so BOOK NOW!

“The brand new 25-foot trimaran from Denmark paints a big smile on our faces.

The little tri seemed to simply fly. It was thrilling and what trimaran sailing can be all about … we couldn’t wipe the big stupid grins from our faces that the speed run had painted.

The Dragonfly 25 is a truly fun boat to sail.” 

The high-performance trailer-sailer

Custom built by master craftsmen in the fishing village of Skaerbaek, Denmark, the Dragonfly 25 is a high-performance trailer-sailer.

Ideal for sport and racing sailors looking for an exhilarating lightweight trimaran with comfortable accommodation…

…the Dragonfly 25 is also perfect for weekend cruising with family and friends.

Its award-winning Swing Wing system allows you to quickly berth anywhere in the world. In fact, it is the absolute fastest and easiest folding system on the market, enabling the trimaran to be folded to reduce the beam by more than 50% in less than one minute per side, using no tools and operating only from the cockpit.

The Dragonfly 25 is lightweight and easy to trailer. It has a purpose-built roll-on roll-off trailer for easy launching and recovery, so you can set up and be sailing in less than 30 minutes!

And the 35cm draft allows you to sail the boat up on a sandy beach or dry out so it can take you to places that no other boat can go.

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When Peter skippered the Dragonfly 25 Sport from Sydney Harbour up to Pittwater at the conclusion of the Sydney International Boat Show, he declared:

“The Dragonfly 25 is like nothing I have ever sailed!

It is an incredible boat, powerful and yet easy to control. Its wave piercing bows really come into their own at speed, providing a smooth and fast ride through some fairly choppy water.

We were sailing upwind in 15 knots of breeze, making 12-14 knots over the ground.

It’s the best sail of my life! I’m buzzing!”

You can see just how fast the Dragonfly goes in Pete’s test sail video here…

…and you can also “Try the Tri” for yourself at our Dragonfly 25 Tri Me Day.