Day onboard the Lagoon 46

Lagoon 46 For Sale Australia

The afternoon sun was beaming through the hills that encompasses Pittwater. Sydney was showing off its best summer self with a sky of blue and warm 27 degree temperature. A light 10 to 12 kts of wind created a breath of fresh air through the bay.

A perfect day to cruise through our local waterways,” Joe pronounced.

It was as simple as that to convince me (Marnie) that we should take the Lagoon 46 for an old fashion shake down sail.

With Joe on the flybridge calling out instructions and myself on the ropes, we quickly and easily departed from the dock.

Joe commented, “there is great visibility on the flybridge, I can see both bows very clearly and had really good communication with the crew.”

Soon after departing I joined Joe on the luxurious new flybridge, the fresh layout is comfortable with room for four or five people to lay on the sunlounge and additional seating and backrests towards the helm. This area adds another incredible dimension to the boat and is a lovely place to relax and spend time while sailing or at anchor.

On this boat TMG opted for the hard top with additional clears to ensure that people stay both shaded and protected in the worlds dynamic climates and conditions.

Lagoon Catamaran Australia Sail
Lagoon Catamaran 46

Without hesitation and with the click of a few electric winches the main and jib were hoisted and we were sailing.

The Lagoon 46 the new generation rig design from Lagoon, Joe explains what this means…

Lagoon have moved the mast further aft so it’s now 53% back from the front of the boat. This creates a shorter boom and a taller aspect main sail so you’re getting a much more efficient shape rather than a big billowing main sail. The genoa is now self tacking, without losing any size, so that makes the boat really easy to handle.

Taking note of the incredibly light breeze we decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to test out the new Code Zero.

The code zero is a really nice sail for expanding your low wind capabilities. Perfect for a day like today, the code zero will give us that power to be cruising at a satisfactory speed rather than a frustrating one,” Joe jokingly noted.

It was as simple as that for us to tuck away the jib and unfurl the Code Zero.

Lagoon 46 For Sale Australia
Lagoon 46 Sailor

With everything set we were cruising over 7 knots with about 11 knots of true.

To be able to take the afternoon to take off from the Quays and duck around Pittwater with such little effort or stress was a dream.

Typically tacking a 46ft yacht would take a lot of stress, shouting and grinding on winches but it was as easy as allowing the boat to sail itself.


Lagoon have JUST announced that 6 new Lagoon 46 slots will be opened in August 2020 !

In its first year of production Lagoon launched 150 Lagoon 46’s. With such a high demand for the new Lagoon 46 model, the company was forced to expand their already incredible capacity and build 6 additional boats available for summer 2020!

These slots are offered worldwide! They will go very fast.



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    Lagoon Catamaran 46
    Lagoon 46
    Lagoon Catamaran 46

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    Lagoon Catamaran 46
    Lagoon 46