Dragonfly 28

Dragonfly 28

Close to Perfection

A fast, groundbreaking trailer-sailer.

The European designed and built Dragonfly 28 is setting new standards for what’s possible in a sailing boat.

Of course, the perfect boat doesn’t exist – but the Dragonfly 28 comes very, very close.

The 28 is great fun and easy to handle, accommodating five people. This majestic trimaran is for the modern sailor; it is all about possibilities, fun – and incorporating the very latest in multihull technology. And let’s not forget sailability.

The Dragonfly 28 comes in three versions – the Touring version (trailable family cruiser), the Sport version (the trailable In- and Off-shore Racer) … and the new 2016 Performance version comes with new wave piercing float designs, giving the ultimate performance.


Key Features

  • Lightweight and trailerable at 3700 lbs
  • Deeper rudder for more control
  • Elvstrøm Technora EEPX sails come standard.
  • Impeccable build quality
  • Revolutionary ‘Swing Wing’ system – retract the amas in 60 seconds
  • Spacious, five-berth accommodation
Dragonfly 28


The Dragonfly 28 enjoys five berths, a separate head and a full, neatly designed galley and enough stowage for a week’s family cruising.

You’ll enjoy a surprising level of volume below, thanks to the impressive “steps” in the hull, where the saloon seating is placed. In the middle, the table has folding leaves and the companionway ladder can be folded away, allowing it to be positioned either port or starboard – depending on whether the galley or the chart table is being used …

… or it can be removed completely to give access to the double berth right underneath the cockpit. The impressive 28 has standing headroom of 1.85 m in the main cabin as well as a generous galley space on each side, and the spacious dinette offers a fabulous view outside, similar to a deck saloon yacht.


The new 28’s floats are based on the longer, wave-piercing reverse-bowed specimens that have proved successful on other models, giving more buoyancy and more volume forward to lift the bows and prevent pitchpoling.

The Dragonfly 28 weighs just 3700 lbs, retracts to a beam of 8.4′ and can go from behind your car to blasting across the bay in about 40 minutes. With a draft of only 45cm, you can anchor into any bay or even beach the boat on a sandy shore – and the big double trampolines offer the perfect sun deck – just like on a superyacht.

The Swing Wing feature also means that you can use normal marina slips since you can swing in the hulls from the comfort of the cockpit, without tools, in about two minutes and you still have a boat you can manoeuvre under power.

The Dragonfly 28 is easy to sail single handedly and is a multifunctional multihull – and a versatile performer.

Dragonfly 28 Exterior


“I like this boat. She’s a very good pocket cruiser, trailerable and nicely detailed. This boat is fun to sail, with no real faults for her intended purpose and offers truly amazing accommodations for her size.” Peter Hogg – Cruising World Boat of the Year judge.

“While many redesigns have more to do with marketing than with actual design, the recently launched Dragonfly 28 “Performance” from Denmark’s Quorning Boats (which follows in the wake of the company’s successful Touring and Sport versions) truly does push the envelope in a meaningful way to incorporate the latest in multihull technology.”

“The Dragonfly 28 Performance is based on the 28 launched a few years ago, of which there still are Touring and Sport versions, the latter with a taller rig. The Performance has the same Sporty rig but the big difference lies outboard: her floats are based on the longer, wave-piercing reverse-bowed specimens that proved so successful on the 25. More buoyancy, more volume forward to lift the bows and prevent pitchpoling.”




Lagoon silhouette