Dragonfly Design

Dragonfly founder Jens Quorning teamed up with Danish naval designers Olsen Design in 2005, and their innovative collaboration was the start of a successful new era for Dragonfly Trimarans, with the introduction of 3D design.

Steen Olsen is sole owner of Olsen Design and has played an integral role in the design and calculations on the last four Dragonfly models – Dragonfly 35, Dragonfly 28, Dragonfly 32 and the latest Dragonfly 25.

Steen has more than 20 years of experience in naval design, and has designed folding propellers, hatches and optimised rig details for America’s Cup sail boats.

Steen has a passion for sailing, especially Dragonfly trimarans, and has won several racing awards internationally.

Defining Innovation - the ‘Swing Wing’ System

Lightweight, practical and extraordinary … the Dragonfly Swing Wing system was designed by Børge and Jens Quorning in 1989. By using this revolutionary system, the trimaran can be folded to reduce the beam by more than 50% … in less than one minute per side, using no tools and operating only from the cockpit.

Floats are designed to go down, lifting the centre hull between 7-9 cm, when folding in. All Dragonfly models are equipped with a carbon mast to provide stability to the boat.

This unique folding system is standard on all Dragonflies and gives these glorious trimarans enough stability to moor in the folded position in a marina berth … cutting down on costly berthing fees.

This system is the absolute fastest and easiest folding system on the market today.

Dragonfly 25
Lagoon silhouette