Dragonfly Trimaran founder Borge Quorning launched his company in 1967 with the dream of building state of the art cruising and racing trimarans and selling them around the world. His dream came true, and Dragonfly Trimarans are instantly recognisable both at sea and at berth thanks to high performance, sleek elegant European design and the dramatic award winning ‘Swing Wing System’, designed by Quorning in 1989, which comes standard on all Dragonfly trimarans.

Lightweight, practical and extraordinary … the Dragonfly Swing Wing system allows the trimaran to be folded to reduce the beam by more than 50% … in less than one minute per side, using no tools and operating only from the cockpit.  And Dragonfly Trimarans are fast –  allowing you to sail further than you would if you were dragging a keel along with you …

… allowing you to achieve higher speeds, giving a greater range and enabling you to visit places that would otherwise be out of reach.  Embrace Dragonfly performance and possibilities!




Lagoon silhouette