Gold Coast crowds come to see Lagoon 450s

Last weekend Rowan McMahon welcomed visitors from all over Australia who made the trip to the Gold Coast International Boat Show specifically to view the Lagoon 450S up close. Groups from WA, NSW, inland QLD and even as far as New Zealand made their way through the record crowds just to see the 450S first hand.

Gold Coast crowds come to see Lagoon 450s

Most commonly, visitors were surprised by the sheer size and volume of the vessel.

Although the boat show welcomes all visitors to enjoy the onboard experience, Rowan believed there were groups with serious intent when it came to the Lagoon 450S.

“Many of the interested parties are interested in picking up in Europe and are planning 2-5 year sailing adventures. The feedback was positive – the strength and stability of the Lagoon 450S would be equal to long term sailing plans. She also ticks all the boxes in terms of price and finish and layout,” says Rowan McMahon, TMG Manager Queensland.

“It was great to see how popular this boat is – there were so many more people than we anticipated. Our styling of the boat was so good, one of the visitors took off with the sunhat we had put with the magazines!”

“The greatest thing was enabling prospective buyers to come on board and see what their experience as a Lagoon owner will be like. ”

“I look forward to dealing with many of the people I met at the show over the next few years. Not even the poor weather could put them off over the weekend,” says Rowan.

“The Lagoon community is a great bunch of people and growing steadily.”

Gold Coast crowds come to see Lagoon 450s

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