Lagoon 42, 70% off Green Machine Offer

Another Lagoon 42 is on the way and will be ready for a Summer of fun in Australia!
We are offering a 70% discount on the incredible “Green Machine package” for the lucky new owners.*
Including: Custom Lithium/Solar/Air Conditioning Solution
System RRP; $79,835AUD Inc GST
Offer runs out June 30th 2020.
lagoon 42 saloon

Vessel Details;

A full owners version with study and extra storage in the owners suite.  Complimented by versatile Smart TV for the working or enjoying from the comfort of your island bed.  The interiors will shine with the upgraded light interior, juxtaposed against the dark flooring and given a warmth of feel with plush carpets in the cabins.  With the “Green machine” package you can happily get away in a heartbeat and enjoy hassle free adventures.  The Lithium batteries and inverters will even power the washer dryer!

  • 4 x SunPower Maxeon 395W Fixed Solar Panels mounted on a custom stainless steel frame extending from the back of the cockpit roof and providing more coverage to the cockpit. Fully automatic solar system with potential charge of 130A interconnecting into the Victron Lithium Battery Monitoring System.
  • Victron GX Colour touch display at navigation station showing the flow of all the electrical systems – from the integrated Victron battery management system.
  • 3 x 300Ah Victron Smart Lithium LiPo4 Batteries.

lagoon 42 saloon
lagoon 42 saloon

  • Victron Quattro Inverter Charger 12V/5000VA/100A – Charging from shore power. Running all onboard 240V systems pulling directly from the lithium batteries, including saloon air conditioning* and washer dryer.
  • 200A Balmar alternator with high performance external regulator – ensuring maximum charge.

    Fail safe systems; Low Voltage disconnect Engine emergency parallel Solar split system countering any potential issues with shade.

Total usable capacity in Lithium packs= 720Ah

Saloon aircon usage lengths*:

Warm day: 7.4hrs running time from inverter

Cold day: 14.7hrs running time from inverter

Alternator recharging from flat batteries (20%) to 100% capacity:

Idle/Slow forward: 7.2hrs

Max output (Full throttle): 3.7hrs

Solar recharge rates per day:

Partial shading (50% of panels): 196ah which is 27% of battery capacity

Max sunlight over both panels: 293Ah which is 55% of battery capacity

lagoon 42 saloon



    Get in quickly to secure this offer for your family – a decision you will be smiling about for years to come.