Sleek style and strong personality

The worlds best selling catamaran awaits…

While keeping a family resemblance and retaining the main features of the latest generation of Lagoons, it shows off a unique visual identity with sleek curves and a groundbreaking single level cockpit.

The boat’s silhouette is elegant and simple with its new flowing curves, and this highlights the dynamic personality of the 42.

The Lagoon 42 offers endless possibilities for an enviable on-water lifestyle.

Fulfil your desire for freedom. Let’s go.


  • Overall length: 12.80m
  • Maximum beam: 7.70m
  • Draft: 1.25m
  • Mast clearance: 20,65m
  • Displacement: 12.1 tons
  • Sail area: 90 sq metres
  • Fresh water capacity: 300 litres
  • Black water capacity: 3 x 80L up to 4 x 80L
  • Fuel capacity: 300 litres
  • Engine power: 2 x 45HP
  • Optional engine: 2 x 57HP
  • CE Certification: A:12 ; B:14 ; C: 20 ; D:30
  • Full batten mainsail: 55 sq m
  • Square top mainsail (opt): 59m²
  • Self-tacking jib: 35 sq m
  • Code 0 (opt): 68 sq m
  • Naval architects: VPLP
  • Interior design: Nauta Design
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Key features

  • A composite bimini with a sliding panel to ensure a good view of the sails
  • An ingenious deck layout
  • A single level from the aft platform to the saloon: a structural ‘revolution’
  • New ergonomics that ensure excellent use of space and ease of circulation on board
  • The suspended steps at the transom provide a whole new perception of the boat
  • Mast moved further aft and self-tacking jib


The 42 features a single level from the aft platform to the saloon – a structural ‘revolution’, and her entirely new ergonomics ensure excellent use of space and ease of movement on board.

With the mast moved further aft and the self-tacking jib, the 42 gives guaranteed performance under sail and ease of handling – all operations are brought together in one place.

The ergonomic helming station at the coachroof bulkhead allows for direct communication between the cockpit and saloon and improved movement.

Lagoon 42

Rigging - performance

  • mast moved further aft
  • a self-tacking genoa for ease of use
  • a larger foretriangle for a greater choice of downwind sails
  • a shorter boom for ease of manoeuvring
  • a mainsail that is broader near the head, taking advantage of less turbulent wind for a real improvement in performance
  • re-centring of the weight, which greatly reduces pitching


The influence of the organic architecture resonates in the interior of the Lagoon 42, delivering a unique and generous living space. 

Vertical glazing in the coachwood illuminates the area, with stunning curved wood finishes.

Enjoy the elegance and functionality that Italian design firm Nauta have introduced with two versions of this new model.  

Choose between the three and four cabin versions, with island double beds for the aft cabins and beds with side access for the forward cabins.  

Aft cabins enjoy a bathroom with separate shower.

lagoon 42 saloon



Lagoon 42 Awards
Lagoon 42 Awards
Lagoon 42 Awards
Lagoon 42 Awards
Lagoon 42


The Lagoon 42 comes in either 3 or 4 cabin layouts and Cruising Helmsman tested the three cabin version with master cabin in the starboard hull.

“It was a fairly wild and woolly day but a great opportunity to truly test a catamaran on open waters. We did some fast reaching and some windward work into the steep swells coming through the heads, providing a good idea of its capability for both the potential owner and myself.

Tacking was no problem in this breeze even though the swell sometimes fought against us. The Lagoon 42 certainly showed how it could rack up the miles on a long cruise. Maybe more importantly, you will be comfortable.” – Phil Ross stated in his review.

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This new best-selling catamaran is a floating French apartment.

The all-new Lagoon 42 is a great example of the new breed of modern-day catamaran. This design builds on the success of the world’s biggest production cat brand, which in turn is part of the giant Beneteau group. It’s an ultra-modern cat with the clean, efficient lines of a modern European design — vertical bows, high freeboard and big picture hull windows.

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Exterior designer Patrick Le Quement teamed up with the naval architects of France’s VPLP Design, renowned for their racing hulls, to create the Lagoon 42’s swoopy lines. The underside of the gullwing bridge deck was configured to minimise pounding in rough seas; the glazed vertical windows that bend around corners cut down on heat inside; the composite bimini angles up, giving the impression of suspension; and the circular coachroof forms a compound curve all around the cabinhouse. Yes, the curves abound.

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The Lagoon 42 has been an industry (and now a consumer) favourite since it was launched. It was awarded the 2017 ‘Boat of the Year’ by Cruising World in the ‘less than 50 feet catamaran’ category, making this the fourth award for the Lagoon 42 in one year! We did a quick tour of the L42 again at the Miami boat show and were very impressed.

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Lagoon silhouette