Lagoon 50 - Unparalleled Possibilities

Key features

Naval Architect: VPLP Design
Interior Design: Nauta Design
Exterior Design: Patrick Le Quément
  • Stunning and unique visual identity
  • Generous volumes and panoramic views
  • The mast step positioned further aft, providing numerous sailing advantages
  • A self-tacking jib and shorter boom for easier, simplified manoeuvres
  • A mainsail with high aspect ratio optimises performance with the capture of better airflow in the upper parts of the sail
  • A large open cockpit facing out to sea and a second cockpit to enjoy the foredeck for seating or a deck chair
  • A huge modular recreation area behind the helming station concealing a large storage area
Lagoon 50
Lagoon 50


The impressive Lagoon 50 is the perfect compromise between the emblematic 450 and the sublime 52.

With her new visual identity, rigging and hull design, the 50 provides increased performance and boasts a unique brand signature.

You’ll notice the seductive elegance of the 50 …

Thanks to the bevelled shape of her hulls, generous volumes and panoramic views, now more enhanced than ever.   

With unparalleled accommodation possibilities…

This incredible 50-footer is available in three, four or even six cabins!

Exterior - comfort and functionality

This new generation Lagoon has the mast step positioned further aft … the competitive sailing experience of VPLP influencing this decision, providing the 50 with numerous sailing advantages for you to enjoy.

A flybridge with dual access and a helm station provide perfect visibility. The large forward triangle offers a wider choice of downwind sails, guaranteeing performance.

And the mainsail, with a high aspect ratio, enables the capture of better airflow in the upper parts of the sail and promises optimised performance.

A large open cockpit faces out to sea, large stern skirts enable easy access to the boat, and a large modular dining area with removable bench seats welcomes children and adults alike.

Lagoon 50
Lagoon 50

Interior - generous volumes and natural lighting

Every detail has been meticulously thought out to create innovative and spacious architecture with a homely atmosphere. The design, which is bathed in natural light, enables owners to choose their desired accommodation layouts – choose from three, four, five or even six cabins!

Lagoon have provided an innovative saloon concept across two levels with two separate areas: a large galley that opens onto the cockpit on one side and a slightly elevated lounge area for enhanced panoramic vision, which can easily be turned into a dining area if needed.

And once again, the Nauta Design Studio is creating new benchmarks with interior design innovations … a new elegant and elaborate wood finish to be customised for the owner.


  • Length overall: 14.75m/48’8”
  • Beam: 8.10m/26’7”
  • Draft: 1.40m/4’7”
  • Mast clearance: 26.51m/87′
  • Light displacement (EEC): 20.826t
  • Sail area: 158.1m²/1701 sq ft
  • Square top mainsail (opt): 97.8m²/1052 sq ft
  • Furling genoa: 60.3m²/649 sq ft
  • Asymmetrical spinnaker: 240m²/2582 sq ft
  • Code O (opt): 114m²/1227 sq ft
  • Engine (std): 2 x 57 CV/2 x 57 HP
  • Optional engine: 2 x 80HP
  • Fuel capacity: 2 x 520l/2 x 137 US gal
  • Fresh water capacity: 2 x 240l/2 x 63 US gal
  • Greywater capacity: 2 x 120
  • Black water capacity: 2 x 120
  • No of berths: 6 to 14
  • Furling genoa: 60.3m² / 649 sq.ft.
  • EC certification: A : 12 ; B : 14 ; C : 20 ; D : 30
Lagoon 50


Lagoon 50


Available with three, four, five or even six cabins, the Lagoon 50 is highly customisable for private ownership or the charter trade. The main saloon features two levels: the large galley that opens up to the cockpit and a lounge area that is slightly elevated to enhance the panoramic view.

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