Do Lagoon owners like their flybridge?

We asked our owners if and what they like about their flybridge and this is what they responded…


“The advantage of a flybridge to me is the fact you are that much higher off the surface of the water, you can get better vision all around, a greater sense of being on-top of the whole thing. I think you’ve got better vision which is the main thing I like about it and also the fact that you’re more out in the open and I do enjoy being out in the sun most of the time.

There is more enjoyment in a sailboat in that the enjoyment is in the journey as much as it’s in the destination.” – Jeff D’Albora, Lagoon 52F, Infinity II.

Seating area

“I like the flybridge because you can see around you a lot, if you are sitting on the sides you can’t really see that much. Also because it has the seating area.” – Jade, Lagoon 450F, Jadean.

She may be young but Jade has been living aboard a Lagoon 450F for 4 years.

TMG Lagoon Catamaran

Lagoon 50
TMG Lagoon Catamaran

Easy docking

“It is amazing if you sit out on a day like today, good views, easy to put your boat in a berth, at the same time when it is bad weather it is not pleasant.” – John Pruim, Lagoon 50, Themis.

“But we have screens and we can just roll the screens down.”- Mariet Pruim, Lagoon 50, Themis.

First class lounge

“It’s just a big, beautiful, comfortable place with a great view, it’s elevated. We put permanent clears around ours so you can use it any time, day or night, whether it’s windy or rainy, doesn’t matter. You can have lunch, have dinner so it’s great.” Anthony Ryan, Lagoon 630MY, Antics.

“We just call it the first class lounge, can’t go wrong.” Seryn Ryan, Lagoon 630MY, Antics.

Lagoon 630

We are yet to come across any who regret purchasing the flybridge. Everyone loves the added dimension the flybridge offers.