The design team

‘The new artisan – the naval architect and his toolbox’  

Avant-Garde Design, Constant Innovations, Technical Choices for Performance, Comfort at Sea, Space, Safety, Reliability.

Consistency leads to success

Lagoon have worked with VPLP, a young international team of French based naval architects and designers since the very first Lagoon model. This consistency within the design team has been a key part of the Lagoon success, with quality and innovation at the heart of every design.

Marc Van Peteghem

Naval architecture

Marc has always been driven by curiosity and possibility … never afraid to embrace new technology and always aiming to create boats that are simple, efficient and proportionate.

Founder of the naval architecture agency VPLP in 1983 with Vincent Lauriot-Prévost, Marc Van Peteghem specialises in designing monohull and multihull racing yachts, series production sailing catamarans and luxury custom sailing catamarans.

Marc’s focus point is life on board … understanding that indoor and outdoor spaces work together as a series of interludes where different groups of people interact.

And by putting people at the heart of the design process he has ensured the gentle giant of the Lagoon family retains the soul of the yachting world, while remaining generous and embracing in nature.

Marc’s versatility is evidenced in his range of work, including designing and building a 60-foot (18 m) racing trimaran for the movie ‘Waterworld’; designing catamaran ambulances and hospitals for Bangladesh; creating and presiding over NGO Watever, which assists underprivileged populations living on or near the water; and co-founding The Sustainable Design School in Nice.

“Lagoon gives priority to life on-board”, explains Marc Van Peteghem. “Each Lagoon must be different, while belonging to the same family. We endeavour to maintain this feeling of coherence and harmony, when sailing on-board a Lagoon. Additionally, as our DNA inclines us to draw seaworthy, safe boats, we strive to reach high, even very high performance levels.”

Yannick Leroux

SEVENTY 7 Project Manager in the Lagoon design office

“I’ve always had connections with Lagoon, even prior to working on the boat projects,” says Yannick.

“I sailed on Lagoon 55 No. 1 and even had the opportunity to deliver the first Lagoon 42 to arrive in France. I can’t get away from Lagoon!”

Totally self-taught, Yannick has always been passionate about boats and sailing … in fact his life has always revolved around boats.

Yannick’s love affair with boats began when he was a skipper for a few years, and then he fetched up on St Barts, where he ended up staying for six years. While in St Barts he set up his joinery workshop in 1984 and built himself a ‘Saintoise’, the local boat!

Yannick prides himself on his high level of accuracy and the great communication within his team.

“My role as project manager for Lagoon is to bring together:

– the dreams of the product development team

– future customers’ requirements

– the imagination of the architects and the interior designer

…and turn them all into one coherent design brief.

It’s up to me and my team to organise this information, to transform ideas into reality and enable the creation of stunning, sleek and sophisticated yachts.”

Patrick Le Quément

Exterior styling

With over 42 years’ experience in the design industry, Patrick Le Quément has easily made the transition from the automotive sector into the marine world, and he continually brings a fresh new perspective to the world of naval design.

Patrick’s design work on the Outremer 5X Catamaran was voted European Boat of the Year 2013 and Multihull of the Year, USA 2014.

He has also been creating Lagoon Catamarans for Beneteau with the naval architects at VPLP and their latest design project was the build of the SEVENTY 7.

“Since my incorporation into the VPLP team as exclusive designer, I spent a lot of time thinking about the specific Lagoon characteristics we needed to achieve:

– A strong personality … rather than conventional elegance

– Intelligence … rather than power

– A vision … rather than tradition

– Reassuring robustness … rather than lightness at all costs

– ‘High-Touch’ … rather than the unbridled pursuit of ‘High-Tech’

Our desire was to increase the emotional charge of the Lagoons, giving them greater charm to accompany the architectural breakthroughs that have made the brand an archetype.”

The deft hand of Patrick Le Quement ensures overall design cohesiveness and focus on the key values of seaworthiness, performance, manoeuvrability and simplicity, ensuring the Lagoon will perform well in all scenarios.

“It’s not about the design … it’s about the approach.”

Bruno Belmont

Sailing yachts projects director/Group Beneteau

One of the most revered innovation designers of his generation, Bruno is a collaborator, a passionate designer and a sailor. “When working on the Lagoon design for the SEVENTY 7, we worked together as team to deliver a sleek, thought-out design on a family-friendly yacht that provided a large yacht experience with no wasted space.”

Bruno’s passion for multihulls and his history with Lagoon stretch back to the days of the movie ‘Waterworld’, where he was involved in the design and build of the racing trimaran for Kevin Costner.

Indeed, it was Bruno who even taught the famous actor to sail her.

As head of product design at the Beneteau Group, Bruno has been integral to many important sailing innovations, such as the recent development of the wing sail rig, which is making sailing simpler and more affordable and beginning a new era in sailing.

Nauta Design


Superyacht designer Mario Pedol founded Nauta Yachts in 1985, having already set up a yard to build their own designs. After the recession bit in the early 1990s the company turned to design and has evolved to become one of the most important studios in the world.

Nauta Design are an award winning naval architecture, yacht exterior styling and interior design company … having been involved in a range of projects from small production sailing, motor yachts and catamarans with notable builders such as Beneteau and Lagoon, to large, custom superyachts in both sail and power.

Nauta are renowned for their interior innovation, meticulous attention to detail and to the needs of the customer.

The Lagoon spirit

“VPLP design is awesome. Their knowledge of multihulls is phenomenal and their experience unique. I believe they are the best,” says Bruno Belmont, Lagoon general project manager. “With them, we can develop ideas concretely.” VPLP was first a duo that had graduated from the Southampton University of Naval Architecture. It was in 1983 that Vincent Lauriot-Prévost and Marc Van Peteghem initially joined forces to design their first trimaran, already equipped with foils.

Forward-thinking! A year later, in 1984, Marc and Vincent won an award for a small competition initiated by Florence Cathiard. They conceived a 55-foot cruising catamaran. Four units were sold based on the architectural plans: it was the beginning of the Lagoon saga. With a flying start, VPLP continued to harvest success – such as BMW Oracle, the 2010 winner of the 33rd America’s Cup – and they remain Lagoon’s exclusive architects. “As I see it, the relationship with the elements is very important, such as lighting and circulation on board,” explains Marc Van Peteghem.

“The wonderful thing about a sailing boat is that it enables a reappropriation of time. When sailing, the journey is as important as the destination.”

In the last few years, the word Design has been added to VPLP, with the arrival of Patrick Le Quément. This living legend of the automotive design industry has rewritten his career and transformed his creativity to focus on the style of sailing boats. The Lagoon 42 and the SEVENTY 7 are notably the result of this symbiosis, which continues to be promising.