Now that’s a Smart Way to Boat

In October 2017, TMG’s marketing team, Brilliant Digital, experienced what it’s like to be part of the sharing economy and got to be ‘Goonies’ for the day.

SMART BOATING’s beautiful Lagoon 42, based at newly refurbished Clontarf Marina, was the host boat. And the team of experienced sailors (and those a little wetter behind the ears!) took the four cabin/four bathroom version out for a spin around Sydney Harbour.

This was not just a fun team-building day, but for a marketing team that need to know their boats, it was a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the Lagoon 42, still one of the most popular sailing catamarans in the world.

And to that end, TMG is delighted that SMART BOATING have just purchased two more Lagoons (another 42 and the brand-new-to-the-market Lagoon 40) for their fleet to meet the growing demand.

A fantastic product

Our friends at SMART BOATING have a fantastic product. The growth of the sharing economy means that more people are looking for a different way to own a boat and experience life out on the water. Owning a share in a Smartboating syndicate is a more affordable and accessible way to achieve that.

In the words of Martin Lyall from SMART BOATING, “Why own 100% of a boat, when you can’t use it all the time? No one has 52 weeks a year to go boating. Your time is precious, and no matter what improvements happen in the world, we can’t solve that there’s only the 24 hours in a  day!”

Maximum leisure time

“We are very conscious of maximising people’s leisure time. That’s why we have placed boats in Clontarf Marina, Pittwater and The Whitsundays, to help cater for people regardless of where they live. Our service is all about saving time. Our owners walk on and walk off – they don’t have to clean or service the boat or even think about it. It’s a carefree extension to their lifestyle.

We’ve got 23 catamarans, monohulls and motorboats in Pittwater, with four boats in Clontarf, and two of them travel to Hamilton Island for winter. We’re catering to what the market wants. People want options, and our aim is to give them that.”

The very best on the market

“There’s another part of the market that can get much more boat than they thought they could afford with boat sharing – for $60,000 they get a $500,000+ boat.”

With SMART BOATING’s purchase of two more new Lagoons for delivery in 2018, their customers have access to the very best catamarans on the market.

The head-turning Lagoon 40 is already making waves after its unveiling at The Cannes Yachting Festival in September.

And the spacious and top performing 42 is a breeze to sail and already a favourite with SMART BOATING’s customers.

“The market is getting younger. It’s not just the older generation waiting until they can afford to live their dreams. It’s the Uber and Airbnb generation who are used to having access to whatever they want, wherever and whenever they want it. They get to go boating with 100% enjoyment and 0% of the hassle.

People take their boats out for short trips too, they don’t have to cross the ocean for a good time. There’s plenty of places to take the boat here in the harbour. We get lots of customers from the northern hemisphere looking to enjoy the weather that we take for granted in Australia, particularly our winters.”

The flexibility of the SMART BOATING program is a factor for customers looking to experience the on-water lifestyle. “We have a number of syndicate owners who are here for three years, not the full five of the syndicated term. But they have the convenience of being able to sell their share early,” explains Martin.

What customers want

“We have an owner who is currently in his sixth syndicate since 2008. He has three kids, who are all married now and can each have their own cabin. To be able to find boats of this calibre that suit your family’s needs is just what people are looking for.”

For selected boats, the SMART BOATING team has them transferred up to the Whitsundays by professional skippers. This allows owners to transfer on to their boat hassle free, even if they don’t have the two weeks to get it up the coast and back. And it allows for those who might not want to go to sea.

“The service service is still walk on and off up in The Whitsundays. This really enhances that whole ownership experience.”

Living the dream

For the Brilliant Digital marketing team, the chance to experience the magic of sailing a beautifully cared for Lagoon on Sydney Harbour will not be forgotten.

“Selling the dream is one thing, delivering it is a different thing,” says Martin. “We have good relationships with our owners. They really look after the boats and the only thing they share is the cost of ownership. You don’t see the other owners. It’s good to share the cost and know that your boat is immaculate when you use it.

Our boat syndicate owners enjoy that true sense of ownership and pride in their boat. The market is changing, and people are prepared to pay for the value that you get from a boat share.”

For more information, or to enquire about boat sharing click here.

Lagoon silhouette