Lagoon 40 at Manly RQYS Opening Day

Queensland we are coming for you!!! TMG is coming to Brisbane with our NEW Lagoon 40. Step onboard and have a look at this incredible vessel!

Where: Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron (Manly RQYS) 578 Royal Esplanade, Manly, Queensland

When: Saturday 31st August

What: The Manly RQYS is hosting the 135th Opening Day to celebrate the start of the sailing season This will include; Morning Tea, The Official Ceremony will be presided over by the Governor of Queensland His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, followed by the Fleet Sail Past and an Afternoon Family Festival!

What TMG are doing: If you’re interested in viewing the Lagoon 40 or asking the team your Lagoon queries this is your chance! After the morning sail TMG will be hanging around the Lagoon 40 so you are welcome to come aboard during the rest of the festivities. This is the perfect vessel to have shared ownership with Yachtshare, otherwise, you can have immediate delivery as a private owner or for charter.

open day

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    Lagoon 40 Review

    Why Lagoon 40?

    The NEW Lagoon 40 has more exterior space and comfort, interior light and elegance and rigging which enhances simplicity and performance.

    Key Features:

    • Eye-catching and unique visual identity
    • The mast step positioned further aft, providing numerous sailing advantages
    • A self-tacking jib and shorter boom for easier simplified manoeuvres
    • The mainsail, with high aspect ratio, optimises performance with the capture of better airflow in the upper parts of the sail
    • Featuring a superb layout, the living area is a divine space – spacious and light-filled
    • Re-centred weight reduces pitch
    • Lagoon 40 REVIEW

    This model is four-cabin and is the perfect vessel for large families or couple who want to entertain large groups. Otherwise, it is the ideal vessel to put in charter.

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    Want to purchase?

    Whether you want to purchase privately or for charter, contact below.

    OTHERWISE, due to high demand in this vessel, we are searching for people who would be interesting in owning a share in this vessel. This is an economical way to spend a decent amount of time aboard without having to worry about cleaning and maintenance it is all organised for you! Leave a note in the comments and we will pass this on to our expert partner syndication company, Yachtshare!