Pacific Pickup

TMG is now offering Pacific pickup.

A new adventure awaits, for those who always dreamt of cruising the Pacific – TMG now makes it a reality with a new option for Pacific pick-up.

At TMG we are always searching to offer our clients unique solutions and opportunities for adventure.  Given recent uncertainties around the world, we have had an increasing market of customers still looking for fun and adventure abroad but feeling more comfortable doing so a little closer to home.

As such, we are pleased to introduce the option of a Pacific pick up for Australian and New Zealand clients.

Picking up in Tahiti, your vessel will be ready to explore the South Pacific, and when the time comes, you can explore the areas beyond. With many of the cost-reducing benefits of picking up in Europe but with the ability to start exploring now!


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We want to be with you every step of the way, from specification to aftersales.

From the moment you sit down to specify your new build Lagoon, you will be guided by a team of dedicated professionals focused on delivering the right boat for you and your family and caring for you for the long-term so that you can enjoy every precious moment on the water.

Once your vessel arrives in Tahiti, our partners will take special care of your vessel, and a member of our in-house service team from Vesseltec will arrive to commission your vessel and give you a complete handover. We will run you through your new vessel and ensure you are confident with everything from maneuvring in a berth to sailing.

Once you leave on your adventure, do not worry the team at Vesseltec will always be there to provide supreme aftersales support and warranty issue.


With the South Pacific on our doorstep, it is one of the most popular places for Australians to travel. With so many secluded islands it can be hard to travel some of these areas by plane. Exploring by boat gives you the opportunity to really immerse in the culture of some of these untouched areas.

For some help on the best places to visit when starting your adventure in Tahiti we reached out to our good friend and Lagoon 450 owner Martin Herlov who has been travelling the area for over 3 years now.

Here are his 5 top destinations in French Polynesia and the wider Pacific Islands…


French Polynesia has mix of everything. You get the city life in Tahiti, you get the remote and stunning atolls just 200 nm east, you get mountainous islands in both Marquesas and Society Islands. Warm and welcoming people, predictable weather and great diving and you allowed to have the boat here for 2 years.

Here is a great route in French Polynesia to dip your toe in before you explore the rest of the Pacific…


As a sailor its very nice to spend some time in Tahiti, get the civilization back, get good internet, buy all the good food again, meet up with other cruisers, buy spare parts, go to restaurants and simply relax a bit.


Only 2 hours from Tahiti, Moorea has is all. A tall mountain island but surrounded with a protecting reef like the atolls, which gives some great anchorages with a mix of an atoll. Lots of hikes, and in the spring/summer, the humpback whales are here and you have a good chance to dive or snorkel with them. 


Absolutely the best place in French Polynesia. The sailing inside the atoll is stunning. A fresh breeze from east almost always, no waves, beautiful view and lots of places to stop if going from north to south or vise versa. In the North you have a small town with shops, a new fuel station where you can dock the boat and fill up directly with no need for jerrycans, 6-7 hours sailing down to south called Hirifa, and on the way several anchorages to stop. Great diving in Fakarava south pass with the famous wall of sharks. The place in the world with the highest concentration of reef sharks.

Fatu Hiva

Most cruisers choose to go up to the Marquesas during cyclone season, from November to March, and the Marquesas is so far east and close to the equator, so it is a cyclone free area. Although Martin says that after 2 years they have not experienced anything in French Polynesia – however, for some insurances company’s it is mandatory to come on land in Tahiti or go to Marquesas. 

500-600 nm from Tuamuttos region, the first island is also the most beautiful and remote island. Fatu Hiva is also often where cruisers who come from Panama, makes landfall. The climate in Marquesas is a bit cooler with the cold mountain breeze but also drier in the cyclone season, where Tahiti can be more wet.

Nuku Hiva

Nuku Hiva is the biggest island in Marquesas and the main island. Here there are some fantastic hikes to fx Vaitape waterfall in Daniels bay and some cool diving with manta rays in the main bay, Taoihae.


Here is Martins experience…

We arrived in Tanna Island as the first stop. We went to the active volcano and had 5 days in the anchorage. We sailed then up to Efate, Port Olry where you can refuel from the yacht club dock and in general restock the boat before going up north to some of the remote places again. We sailed to Epi Island for watching the Dugong that lives there. Further up to Santo, Luganville for diving on President Coolidge wreck. Further north on Santo, there are some great anchorages with white sand beaches. We ended the tour on Sola, where there really is nothing but locals who live super simple. It’s a cool experience.


Tonga is for us, a great pick for diving and the beautiful island formations and the know underwater caves you can dive in several places.


Martin likes Fiji simply because it’s an easy place to cruise and very “modern” in infrastructure. We hauled out there in Vuda Marina and you can get all your spares and other packages shipped into the country with no tax or fees. A lot of small great places to anchor with only a few hours sailing time between.


More specifically Raja Ampat is a stunning place, especially up north in Wayaq. It’s so spectacular and the marine life and coral is the best we have ever seen. Nothing can compare, however, visibility isn’t great. Its hot and humid, and not much wind. It makes it super easy going from place to place, but the heat is a factor.

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