Pickup Options

The beauty of a Lagoon isn’t just how stunning they look, how they perform or their incredible safety features it is really about how comfortable they are especially for cruising and living aboard.

We know our owners love to travel but deciding the best-suited location for pickup can be tricky. This can be based on many things such as lifestyle, experience and future ambitions. For those who want to maintain their home base in Australia and Australian pickup may be for you, for those who want to dip there toes in ocean crossings the South Pacific might be an incredible adventure and for those ready to up route and take on the world pickup in France could be the journey you are ready for.

Australian Pickup



The time has never been better to explore our backyard and cruise our incredible local waterways. Whether you are wanting a comfortable weekender or a home away from home, Lagoon is the perfect vessel for local trips and trips around the country and beyond.




Pacific Pickup


So many of our owners love to idea of taking delivery of their catamaran from the factory and sailing home for an incredible adventure. As a local bubble seems to be appearing, we want to offer our customers a new journey. Picking up in Tahiti, your vessel will ready to explore the in the South Pacific, and when the time comes, you can explore the areas beyond. With many of the cost-reducing benefits of picking up in Europe but with the ability to start exploring now!



European Pickup


Whether it’s the hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can save when buying directly from the factory in Europe, the confidence that’s gained with the commissioning process, the adventure of a lifetime or the security of knowing TMG and Lagoon delivers worldwide after-sales support… there are just so many reasons why TMG’s clients of all ages and stages of life are choosing to ‘Go Euro’.


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