Boat Sharing, Syndication and Charter

Do you love the idea of spending your leisure time on the water, but are looking for a different way of owning a boat? Do you lack the time to maintain and service a yacht and want to avoid the costs of outright ownership? If you’re willing to share, then joining a boat share or syndicate, or investing in a charter yacht, might be a great option for you.

Sharing and Syndication

A professionally managed yacht saves you time, and it gives you a great opportunity to see if boat ownership might be right for you in the future.

There are lots of advantages of joining a boat share or syndication.
It’s more affordable than outright ownership, ideal if you only have limited time to spend on the water and it’s hassle-free, seriously!

You walk on and walk off – no time wasted on cleaning and maintenance – you just get the fun part of owning a boat.

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Yacht Charter

Investing in a charter yacht is yet another way to experience life out on the water. Charter companies with beautiful yacht fleets operate out of marinas in amazing sailing spots around Australia, and globally.

Yacht charter suits all experience levels. You will read about ‘bareboating’ – this means chartering a sailboat that you navigate and sail yourself, without a crew. Or yachts can be skippered or crewed.

There are various options for investment and financing, depending on your requirements.

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