Thinking of visiting French Polynesia on your way home from your Euro delivery?


Visiting French Polynesia

After you’ve taken delivery of your Lagoon in Europe and spent a season or two in the Mediterranean, the typical route home to Australia is to join the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers to sail from the Canaries to the Caribbean and then sail either via Mexico or the Panama Canal into the Pacific.

In the Pacific there’s just so much to see: the Galapagos, the Tuamotus, the Marquesas, Bora Bora and of course, stunning French Polynesia.

TMG’s John Cowpe recently caught up with Tehani Fiedler-Valenta, the director of Tahiti Crew, to find out more about the services Tahiti Crew provide to TMG Lagoon owners who’d like to visit French Polynesia on their way home from their Euro delivery.

What services does Tahiti Crew provide to TMG Lagoon owners who would like to visit French Polynesia?

“Tahiti Crew is a marine conciergerie and as a partner of TMG they have the capabilities to organise everything regarding immigration and customs, as well as boat parts, technical assistance, wash down, boat keeping, etc for TMG Lagoon owners who wish to visit French Polynesia.

If you are a non-European sailor, you have three options to enter French Polynesia. You can post a bond at the bank (the equivalent of a return ticket to Australia), own a return ticket to Australia or use the services of Tahiti Crew to organise a bond letter for you.”

TMG Lagoon
TMG Lagoon owners contact Tahiti Crew

How far in advance should TMG Lagoon owners contact Tahiti Crew before coming to French Polynesia?

“The main season in French Polynesia is from March to September and once the main season starts, Tahiti Crew become very busy with requests from different boats.

So if you’re planning to come to French Polynesia during the main season, the earlier you contact Tahiti Crew (so we can start processing your papers) the better, to ensure everything goes smoothly when you arrive.”

What are the different routes TMG Lagoon owners can take to get to French Polynesia?

“Most TMG Lagoon owners come from either Panama or Mexico. Some owners stop in the Galapagos and then come directly to the Marquesas.

From the Marquesas they go down to the Tuamotus Archipelago and arrive in Tahiti, where they do all their repair work before they continue to either Cook Island or Tonga, New Zealand and finally home to Australia.”

different routes TMG Lagoon
Tahiti the best place in French Polynesia

Why is Tahiti the best place in French Polynesia to get work done on your Lagoon?

“If you have some work to do on your boat, all the work should be done in Tahiti because the facilities in the other islands of French Polynesia are very limited.

In Tahiti, you will find everything you need to get work done on your Lagoon.

But once again, because the season gets very busy, the better you plan your work before, the better it is, so if you contact Tahiti Crew beforehand to let us know when you want your work done, we can organise that for you.”

Is the number of cruisers visiting French Polynesia each year increasing?

“Although the numbers, for now, are pretty much the same, one thing that we have noticed is that a lot of cruisers are now applying for a long stay visa before they arrive in French Polynesia.

The reason they apply for a long stay visa is because otherwise they are only allowed to stay in French Polynesia for up to a maximum of 90 days.

cruisers visiting French Polynesia

However, if they apply for a long stay visa, they can stay for up to one year and their visa is renewable.

Every year there are about 900 sailing boats visiting Tahiti and although most of the boats are monohulls, we’re now getting more catamarans and we’re also getting more superyachts.”

main attractions in French Polynesia

What are some of the main attractions in French Polynesia?

“There is such a large variety of things to do in French Polynesia, so we advise that you allow enough time to visit all of the archipelagos if you can.

The Marquesas is very wild and very beautiful and the people are very kind. The Tuamotus are all atolls, so the lagoon is amazing and the diving is incredible.

And the Society Islands have a lot of events and cultural events not to be missed.”

Are there any upcoming events for TMG Lagoon Owners?

“In French Polynesia we have two major events for Lagoon owners.

We have the Tahiti Pearl Regatta in May, which is racing between the Society Islands, and then we have the Tahiti Sailing Rendez-Vous in the last weekend of June which is a big cultural event for the cruisers, and a get together, and it’s a very nice weekend on Moorea.”

Tahiti such a good place to sell your Lagoon

What makes Tahiti such a good place to sell your Lagoon?

“Tahiti is a good place to sell your boat because you don’t have the taxes that other countries impose when you sell your boat.

Also, in this region there’s a lot of networking between Tahiti and New Zealand and Australia, so you will be able to promote your boat better.

And because everybody in the Pacific loves sailing, it’s easier to find customers in the Pacific compared to other parts of the world.”

To find out more about Euro delivery, visiting French Polynesia on the way home from your Euro delivery or to get in touch with the Tahiti Crew, contact The Multihull Group.