Why We bought a Lagoon 450S

Why we bought a Lagoon 450S

Australia’s first 450S is on her way – arriving just in time for the Sanctuary Cove Boat show. If you think this might be the boat for you… you might like to read this story from Catamaran Guru about why one couple chose the new Sportop.

While traveling from boat show to boat show in 2015, we conducted numerous seminars and consultations all around America with sailors searching for their “dream boat”. While we had a blast helping all these “newbies” find their own dream boats, we also took a good hard look at all the brands of catamarans available on the market.

Why We bought a Lagoon 450S

We learned a lot of new things and confirmed the things we already knew about all these catamarans (older and new models). There are a few things that are just a deal breaker for us i.e. low bridge deck clearance or a gallery down arrangement and safety . It would be hard for us to compromise on those things. Performance is also a consideration but the performance cats typically has smaller accommodations for obvious reasons, so we have to compromise. Armed with this knowledge and research, we sold our Prout 45 and bought a Lagoon 450S”

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Why We bought a Lagoon 450S

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