How To Park Your Catamaran

In our Docking Episode, Part 2 Joe Fox explains how to park your catamaran bow first and stern first.

This demonstration was done on the Lagoon 42 and is intended to give you confidence in your catamaran handling ability.

How to park catamaran Bow first


  1. Approach the berth bow first at a 45-50 degree angle.
  2. Go slow, around 1 knot and when you are around 3 metres out put the engines into neutral.
  3. Use the starboard engine only and put this into reverse. This will not only stop the boat but also turn it in the correct way. *(Be mindful is berthing starboard side to this will be opposite).*
  4. One you are parallel you can go into forward slightly with both engines to stop the boat moving backwards and correct the manoeuvre.
  5. Tie up the lines.


  1. Approach the berth stern first at a 45-50 degree angle.
  2. Aim for the dock where there is a short line (or a cleat to attach one to).
  3. When the crew can step off they should secure a short stern line to the aft cleat.
  4. Put both engines into forward so the boat begins to swing forward until it is along side the dock.
  5. Once the vessel is parallel to the dock attach the other lines.
How to park catamaran stern first