Sailing Papua New Guinea with John Pruim

If you haven’t already read our story on the Pruims amazing new Lagoon 50 filled with all the facilities to take off from the mainland and never return we highly suggest it…

Lagoon 50 upgrades

However, this is a story of a different adventure taken onboard one of Johns previous Lagoons, a 410.


Untouched islands

The Pruims traveled to their fair share of remote islands, reaching the tips of Darwin and sailing volcanic Vanuatu but it was the most untouched place that touched John the most…

The Louisiades is made up of thousands of island in Papua New Guinea where the people live traditionally; without technology, power, money, modern houses and equipment, items we take for granted.

Some of the children have no clothes and their boats are made of hollow trees, which the curious locals would row out to the Lagoon.


There is no tourism and only around 80 boats venture through these islands per year.

Often the children have never seen a person with white skin and sometimes would cry when they saw the Pruims, thinking that they were ghosts.

Because there is no need for money here the people, trade in what they farm and hunt. Tourists will often trade in books, pens, sewing needles, T-shirts and fishing hooks for fruits or fish.

One of Johns most fond memories was when they took their laptop into shore to show the kids “Finding Nemo”. None of them had ever seen a computer screen and had definitely not seen a moving cartoon, so you can imagine their reaction.

It is so incredible that such stunning and isolated islands have the most humble people living this raw lifestyle just north of Australia.

If you are already a Lagoon owner we hope this has sparked your desire to explore more uncharted territory and if you aren’t yet their we hope we have ignited that dream even further…