TMG won another award – Asia-Pacific Best Brand Ambassador

Another winning trip to France…

TMG’s Managing Director John Cowpe has just returned from Global Lagoon Dealer Convention in Bordeaux that happens every two years.

The Multihull Group are extremely happy to announce that we have won the award for Best Brand Ambassador in the Asia-Pacific.

“We are very proud to receive this award.  Promoting a brand we all believe in and a lifestyle that so many of our clients choose to embrace is a real pleasure.  My team works so hard and this is a credit to all of them.  Having recently brought our marketing in-house for a more focused approach, it feels like this is nice recognition for the work that has been done.” John Cowpe.

“It is an absolute honor to be working with such an amazing team of people and a blessing to see our efforts being rewarded. As someone who has a dream to sail the world one day, I am truly passionate about bringing Lagoons message to more people so they can make this dream a reality. We are currently striving to work across as many platforms as possible, ensuring we utilize new digital mediums as well as the traditional method so we can reach a broad range of people.” – Marketing Manager, Marnie Ebeling.